We are armed with security experts that make up our in-house consulting team.


Security Training

From our security technicians, to armed personnel, executive protection specialists, surveillance operators and armed mobile operators; Security Grade provides the best training for our personnel to assure cost effective security for the people and assets we protect. Practical application, classroom, online and range and technology training are just a few of the foundational areas of training we provide. In addition to this, we will soon be providing firearms training to the general public to continue our expansion into residential markets and continue establishing ourselves as a premier full service security firm.

Crisis Management

From active shooter scenario training to passive media and PR recovery via consultative crisis management, we provide a host of solutions to vulnerable businesses. Security Grade is committed to best practices and safe behavior management methods that focus on prevention. We provide the knowledge, skills, and resources to improve function, safety, and quality of life for businesses.

Robbery Scenario

This highly specialized training will leave employees for virtually any retail establishment confident and empowered to handle an active shooter/ robbery scenario to maximize life safety. Please contact us for a brief consultation on this training.

Risk Vulnerability

A Risk & Vulnerability Assessment is often needed either before major security regimental changes, or to assess where weaknesses are with regards to building fortification, transportation, security systems and even cultural dynamics and the security posture of employees. Most assessments can be conducted in 1 day and provide worlds of information to aid your business in understanding where security vulnerabilities exist.

First Aid Emergency

Security Grade is collaborated with world class medical emergency personnel that can have your entire organization trained with common medical emergencies. We can coordinate classes to certify your staff in CPR and AED training, leaving them feeling confident to handle such life-threatening situations that call for these procedures.

SOP Development

Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for security (especially to reduce internal shrinkage) and promoting good security practices and posture is a specialty of ours. Let us develop your play-book that will serve you for years to come with good practices that will likely aid with inventory control and maybe even save the life of one of your employees.