IT support for our clients is not just about maintenance, it’s also about security. Are you unsure how to make sure it is safe from hackers and viruses? Our world class IT Security experts can review your situation, give you a risk profile, and help you find the proper security mechanisms to safeguard your organization. Our consultants can help you implement and configure firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, identity management systems, or any solution that makes sense for you. Don’t want to manage it yourself? We can do that for you too.


Desktop Support Services

Don’t want to deal with slow computers, viruses, or other issues with your laptops and desktops? Our reps can help keep the computers in your offices running smoothly and efficiently. If one of them crashes, we can have a tech out at a moment’s notice and replace it for you and recover your data to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Our team can even manage software licenses, and inventories for you as well. Mix and match our services to what you need to make managing your office computing easy.

Office Computing Support

Just want to get email, instant messaging, and shared documents going quickly? Our Office Computing team can get you running with cloud based office solutions including email, instant messaging, document sharing, file sharing, and a number of other services. Often these can be set up within minutes for your entire staff. Already have a solution, but it’s not working for you? We can review your setup for free and provide recommendations on solutions that might be more effective for you.

Software Development

Looking for something a bit more serious? Perhaps you have a more mature organization and want to start automating your processes. Our team of application developers can deploy new software quickly, giving you web based solutions in the cloud. We also have a team of software testers who will work with your team to make sure the solution is delivered free of bugs, and achieves its objective. Our team will help you monitor the effectiveness of your new application to ensure you are getting a return on your investment.

Networking & System Administration

Our network engineers and system administrators can take over the management of your network and your servers if they are giving you trouble. With a free consultation we are usually able to provide recommendations that can greatly simplify your network, and consolidate and virtualize your server environment – greatly cutting your costs and your IT headaches for all Denver clients

SaaS, IaaS, PaaS

Already have some developers and IT folks, but maybe need more computing power or storage? With our partners we can get you Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Platform as a Service solutions that give you the tools you need to for your Denver IT support project, and make sure it is running with guaranteed level of uptime.

Outsourced CIO

Perhaps you don’t want to deal with IT at all, and want to leave it to the experts. We can provide a dedicated outsourced CIO. No operation is too small – some customers only use a few hours a month. With a free consultation, we can get an understanding of your operation and help you identify areas where IT support can help our Denver clients become more efficient. We can also help you fix trouble areas that are giving you headaches. You just tell us what you want in plain English and we will get you the IT resources so you can achieve your goals.

Cloud Storage

Security Grade knows that backing up all of your organization’s data is a big job. In today’s world data travels between a variety of devices and the risk of losing data on even one device can mean disaster for your business. From backing up your servers to making your data accessible across a network of computers, smartphones and tablets, especially for mandated off-site video backup needs in the legal cannabis industry, Security Grade provides enterprise-level backup from beginning to endpoint.