Morgan Iwerson

The were all were professional, knowledgeable, timely, available for questions and answers anytime throughout entire install process. They did an excellent job from start to finish. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Julianna Wade

We have had all great experiences working with Security Grade. I work for the law firm of Schlueter, Mahoney & Ross in Denver, and we have worked with Derek Porter on a few matters now. The service has been very thorough and their turn-around time is fantastic. We are happy to have investigation services on hand that we can trust.

Kelly Murley

I am the owner of Kelly’s Kids Daycare in Michigan. I’m considered a small business. I use Security Grade Protective Services for all my employee / client background checks. They are prompt, professional and would highly recommend. I also find their prices reasonable too.

Alana Malone

I scheduled a consultation and then was introduced to David Beckett who displayed a good working knowledge of both the MED & city of Boulder security requirements for our facilities. Upon hiring them to upgrade our security equipment and take us to 100% MED compliance, they have done nothing short a perfect job. There are so few contractor/service companies that have responded to our needs and requests as simply, professionally, and completely as Security Grade did. David Beckett takes his work seriously and does not consider a job complete until it is in fact complete, and he holds himself responsible and on track, as opposed to me having to nag and follow up a million times which is most of what I experience. At the end of the day what makes the difference is – it was as if they care as much about the project as I do which was a huge relief and peace of mind. There is nothing I was not impressed with. Even the way they worked around our staff and interacted with them and me, the way they deliver quotes/invoices/information on time and as discussed.

A Few of Our Clients