We provide a full suite of security services tailored to the cannabis industry. Our firm guarantees competitive rates and ensures MED compliance.

We offer:

  • Custom security systems for any Alarm/ CCTV/ Access Control needs that meet or exceed Marijuana Enforcement Division regulations.
  • Security guards with the understanding of the cultural dynamics within cannabis industry.
  • Security consulting from industry leading experts that will education licensees, owners, partners and managers on concepts such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), writing SOP’s, providing training and much more.
  • Licensing Plate Tracking for suspicious vehicles and/or vehicles involved in criminal activity.
  • Background Checks for new or existing employees.
  • IT Solutions for any networking infrastructure or computers that are utilized for Point of Sale systems, and/or Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance (METRC).


Security Grade’s Open Statement On: Marijuana Advocacy

There are many ancillary businesses that operate in the cannabis industry, several of which are simply trying to earn the same as they would operating in any other industry. Many ancillary businesses are not open about doing business at all in marijuana because of the federal legalities and/or how their existing clientele will feel about their involvement within such an industry. However there are also vendor/ancillary businesses that are earnest advocates of cannabis overall. From the vast medicinal properties, to the freedoms of recreational use of cannabis and the legalization and responsible regulation of this amazing plant.

We are a business that promotes and helps to push this plant in every way we are capable of. We pride ourselves in being open advocates of cannabis and the legalization of it regardless of what any of our clients or potential clients outside of the industry may feel about it. We stand by our beliefs and stick to our convictions of an exciting and booming industry that is positively changing America.


Cannabis Compliance Consulting

Compliance is imperative in the cannabis industry and no cannabis business can operate without voluntary compliance. Our industry leading cannabis compliance experts can help. We can go above and beyond just security compliance for your operation. We have the know-how and the operational experience to provide:

Compliance Assessments


  • Detailed on-site assessment to adhere to local licensing authority rules
  • for Medical and/or Retail Facility, Cultivation Facility, and Infused Products
  • Manufacturing Facility (MIPS)
  • Complete review with licensees
  • Provide guidance and coaching throughout the assessment to prepare licensees
  • for future state and city inspections
  • Assess areas for corrective action


Compliance Action Plan Development


  • Utilize digital assessment instruments to advance the action plan
  • Develop standards and expectations for facility staff to ensure and maintain compliance
  • Prioritize areas for corrective action plan