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Scoring & Background Check for Employers

We offer the most compre-hensive scoring and background check commercially available for employers seeking to hire the most professional security personnel.

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SG Membership

Become one of Security-Grade's Validated Professionals.
For Professionals & Employers. Membership includes free network access to ProtectionProfessional.Net, Free Grade & Score plus discounts on all our services.


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Specializing in Security Consultation for high profile clientele. SecurityGrade’s Consultation method bolsters and develops a plan that deters and mitigates any threat to person or property. Active threats are aggressively mitigated to ease our clients peace of mind.

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Protective Services

Our Protective Service Agents are culled from the ranks of the military, law enforcement and private sector, Security Grade Protective Service Agents and Risk Mitigation Professionals are held to the Highest Standards. They posses a wide range of mental and physical skills developed through extensive training and real-world applications.


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SecurityGrade offers variety of services from Grading & Scoring Security Professionals, to Background checks for employers, to access to a vast global network.


SecurityGrade.com operates the world's most exclusive all security network for professionals involved with Physical & Personal Protective Services.


"Get Graded" We grade Security Professionals based on education, relevant training and operational experience.

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iPad/iPhone App

SecurityGrade.com has begun development of our iPad and iPhone app. Our goal is to bring you the same great products while you're in the field or just away from your computer.

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